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Our State Representative, Amanda Price promised to turn Michigan around. She kept that promise, put her conservative West Michigan values to work, and now our state is on the comeback track.

  • 280,000 NEW JOBS
  • $1.5 billion in DEBT ERASED

Lansing hasn’t changed Amanda Price.

She is changing Lansing and getting results.

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Amanda Price is putting her conservative West Michigan values to work and now our state is turning around.

Amanda has tackled the big issues and she has made the hard decisions needed in order to put Michigan on a better economic track toward a more prosperous future.

As your State Representative, Amanda has focused on growing jobs in Michigan and right-sizing our government by:

  • Passing Right-to-Work law to give hardworking people control over the decision to join a union
  • Cutting income taxes
  • Eliminating the job-killing Michigan Business Tax
  • Eliminating a $1.5 billion budget deficit
  • Creating a $580 million budget surplus
  • Balancing the state budget months ahead of schedule 4 years in a row
  • Ending Bridge Card welfare abuse and fraud
  • Eliminating lifetime welfare benefits
  • Cutting lawmakers’ pay and eliminating their lifetime benefits
  • Passing education reform that puts kids and parents first
  • Introducing unprecedented transparency into government
  • Eliminating 1,800 outdated rules and regulations

Now unemployment is down and home values and personal income are up!

The hard work of turning Michigan around is not over. Amanda Price is continuing the work of reducing regulation for job providers, revising the tax structure, and returning hard-earned dollars to you, the taxpayers.


  • Right to Life of Michigan PAC
  • National Rifle Association
  • Michigan Farm Bureau AgriPAC
  • Citizens for Traditional Values
  • Small Business Association of Michigan
  • “A” Rating from Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
  • Great Lakes Education Project
  • National Federation of Independent Business / Michigan
  • Friends of West Michigan Business PAC
  • Michigan Townships Association
  • MD PAC


  • Right to Life of Michigan PAC
  • Michigan Farm Bureau AgriPAC “Friend of Agriculture”
  • Small Business Association of Michigan Small Biz PAC
  • West Michigan Lakeshore Association of Realtors
  • Michigan Credit Union League Action Fund
  • County Road Association of Michigan RUSH PAC
  • Great Lakes Education Project
  • Friends of West Michigan Business
  • Michigan AgriBiz PAC
  • National Federation of Independent Business / Michigan
  • Friend of Housing – Michigan Association of Home Builders
  • Friend of Retail – Michigan Retailers Association
  • Citizens for Traditional Values PAC
  • Michigan Restaurant Association
  • Michigan Manufacturers Association
  • “A” Rating from National Rifle Association – PVF

About Amanda

Amanda was first elected as the 89th District State Representative in 2010. She previously served as a Park Township Trustee for ten years and was elected Park Township Supervisor in 2008.

Representative Price serves on the following House Committees: Education; Tax Policy; Energy and Technology; Local, Intergovernmental and Regional Affairs; and the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. She has sponsored legislation to address the problems caused by methamphetamine, honor veterans and establish a multistate aquatic nuisance species compact.

Prior to being elected to the Michigan House, Amanda served as a Legislative Aide to Republican Senator Patricia Birkholz. She has also worked as Public Affairs Manager for SemcoEnergy in West Michigan and as Trust Officer with American Bank & Trust/First of America Bank in Lansing.

She is a graduate of Michigan State University, the Institute for Paralegal Training (Philadelphia, PA), and holds a Masters in Public Administration from Western Michigan University.

Amanda has been married to Rodger for over thirty years and their family includes son Nate and daughter-in-law Dina, son, Collin, a granddaughter, Evelyn and a grandson, Braxton. Rodger is the former Coordinator of Leadership Renewal and Pastors Networks in the Reformed Church in America, and he currently owns his own leadership consulting firm called Leading by Design.

The Price’s attend Fellowship Reformed Church. She has served on the boards of several organizations, including the Holland Area Chamber of Commerce, Macatawa Area Coordinating Council Policy Committee, West Michigan Airport Authority and the Children’s Advocacy Center. Amanda and Rodger have co-chaired the Capital Campaign for the Northside Boys & Girls Club in Holland.

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E-Mail: amanda.nprice@gmail.com

Mail: 3975 Lakeridge Drive, Holland, MI 4942

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  • facebook.com/repprice
  • twitter.com/amandaprice4rep


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